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TSCSW Membership

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The Texas Society for Clinical Social Work is currently accepting new members.











Texas Society for Clinical Social Work is a professional member organization dedicated to the practice concerns of Clinical Social Work, our clients, and clinical social workers.

The mission of Texas Society for Clinical Social Work emphasizes graduate education and training, adherence to standards of ethical practice, and a strong presence in the Texas legislature to advance and protect the integrity of the profession.  Texas Clinical members practice in every health care venue: mental health centers, hospitals, agencies, clinics, schools, employee assistance programs and independent clinical practice.  

Who We Are

The Texas Society for Clinical Social Work addresses the needs and concerns of clinical social workers.  Members possess graduate degrees in social work which focused on clinical social work training while practicing in public and private settings.

Our membership is representative of a spectrum of theoretical understandings, methodologies, and psychotherapeutic interventions.  Local study groups offer a forum for professional growth, mentoring, and networking.  TSCSW maintains strong state and national lobbying presence giving voice to clinical social workers' concerns and the issues of our client populations.  There is no better venue for connecting with peers and colleagues from around the state.

Membership Benefits

  • Local monthly study groups offering opportunities for further clinical growth and networking.

  • A professional health care lobbyist in Austin who monitors pertinent legislative action.

  • Legal assistance with practice and professional complaints.

  • Monitoring state regulatory agencies and boards.

  • Legislative Alerts pertaining to state and federal legislation.

Our Services

TSCSW retains a lobbyist/health care attorney who works on behalf of our client's and the social work profession in the Texas legislature. 

Who May Join

Approved applicants shall be admitted to the highest category of membership for which they qualify at the time of admission and their membership class shall be automatically changed as their qualifications permit.

Clinical LCSW: Master's degree from a School of Social Work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) with a clinical sequence.  Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Texas).

Associate LMSW: Master's degree from a School of Social Work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) with a clinical sequence.  Licensed Master Social Worker (Texas).

Retired Member: Completely retired from clinical practice.

Student Member:  Full-time graduate student in a CSWE accredited school with a clinical sequence and field placement.



  • Clinical SW Journal

  • Position Papers

  • Guidelines for ethically-based social work practice and standards of Health Care


  • Updates on State and Federal Legislation and state licensing rules

  • Updates on Health Care


  • Licensure Issues

  • Reimbursement

  • Monitoring and advocating for legislation to support social work practice and our clients

  • Paid Lobbyist



  • Liaison with CSWA and NASW as well as other national MH groups

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